KNOW WHY: The explanation for human motivation by Kai Neumann

An English text is provided with the interactive ebook on Apple iBooks Store and with "KNOW-WHY: Systems thinking and modeling ...." available on (  Ein qualitatives Ursache-Wirkungsmodell von Kai Neumann zur Erläuterung der Triebfedern menschlichen Handelns hergeleitet durch die KNOW-WHY-Denkweise [Kai Neumann in E:CO, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2013: "KNOW WHY Thinking as a new approach to systems th...

Nuclear Power by Kai Neumann

Sweden and several other countries decide to resume the use of the widely disputed nuclear energy, withdraw the promised decomission of older power plants and even plan to build new power plants. They argue that we all need cheap energy supply to gain time for the development of alternative energy sources and that nuclear energy is a carbon neutral and therefore climate saving source of energy. The majority of people until recently feared nuclear energy for its manifold risks. The costs of nuclear energy...

The America Deserves Better (ADB) Movement by Kai Neumann

So far my systemic analyses on US politics were right: Now it is time to understand how the movement of the people can gain momentum. So, please add a comment on what is missing.

Why being conservative is dull by Susanne

Having read Kai Neumann’s tweet that conservative behavior shows a lack of either knowledge or intelligence or character, as well as reading a draft of one of Kai’s project reports that describes the importance of emotional effectiveness for sustainable behavior I wondered whether they were not connected. I expected to discover more interrelations, yet I like the little model I came up with, so here it is. Feel free to comment :-)

Jobs of the future by Kai Neumann

Just a small model on the developments of jobs to share on KNOW-WHY.NET for inspiration. Aspects like the increased demand for information technology and its consequences e.g. for less demand for expensive cars are not included, yet.

World economy mini model by Kai Neumann

a model for the English KNOW WHY book