Germany's potential for a new role in the world by Kai Neumann

Just the start of a model to answer to a post on linkedin: Germany has of course not the size to determine world politics, but it is big enough to serve as a role model that could foster change around the world. My concern, however, is that neither Angela Merkel nor Martin Schulz are of a visionary type to change towards a role model. Once, we follow the trend of higher military spending, and if we continue to ignore the proposa...

What‘s up 2018? by Kai Neumann

Please join this model to collect factors that will become important in 2018

Elon Musk and Sigmar Gabriel on the future of Electric Mobility by Kai Neumann

A few weeks ago Elon Musk presented his mission to an audience and the German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel. Well, the moderation of that event was, let us say: not optimal, but the arguments Elon Musk presented were stunning. This model tries to capture them challenging the reply of Minister Gabriel. Here is a video of that event: 

What have Trump, Putin, Erdogan, ISIS, etc. in common? by Kai Neumann

The question from the model's title is answered by the model as it shows causes to a world wide growing symptom.

Sunnies vs. Shiites - geopolitical interests by Emma

This is just a start of a collaborative model trying to put together all the different arguments and interconnections surrounding the different and yet connected conflicts in the different regions of the Middle East. Please join this model!

Illegal mining and water quality and availability (collaborative) by Kai Neumann

This is a qualitative model from an iMODELER workshop for a group of scientists from different fields from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Feel free to continue the modeling via this collaborative link. Here is the read-only link to the original model:  What is the question the model should answer: What can be done in order to mitigate the effects from illigal mining (surface mining) on the quality of water from rivers? What are the system’s bo...

Urban gardening revisited (wonna win FAIRPHONE) by Adam

I have discovered the following article that inspired me to draw a bigger picture on urban gardening - at least qualitatively. Of course, I wonna win the FAIRPHONE (

Reflexion on thorium reactors by Kai Neumann

this is just a first scetch of a cause and effect model ... if you look at the matrix of the factor thorium reactor you will recognize that this model is dominated by balancing feedback loops (...) you may contact me ( to get a copy of the model or even to collaboratively model it with me and others in any way: many insights and happy modeling Kai