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This quantitative model is a small excerpt from a 1000+ factors model of a larger project. It allows to simulate the changes of a job market due to changes of available jobs or people seeking for jobs, people choosing to work only part time and a larger part of pensioners.
While it would be fairly easy to model it through a classic system dynamics stock and flow structure it was fairly challenging to try it with the iMODELER's possibility to use stocks without delays. That is also the reason why I tried it the complicated way: in a model with classic stocks and their implicit delays some changes would take up to three years (the time step in our customer's model) to take effect.
When you try this kind of complicated formula the trick is to first explain in plain text what you want to happen. For example: more people lead to more jobs only if there are free jobs, otherwise they lead to more people seeking for a job. Less people lead to fewer people seeking for a job or to more free jobs. Also you have to be sure that there are no negative amounts of people.
So feel free to use the model or ask for further explanations. The model is still simplified. 

BTW: I have used this part of the model and cloned it to distinguish different parts of the society.


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