Mini Model on Green Investments by Kai Neumann

a very small model showing the major levers as they turned out in larger models on

Mini model international competitiveness eco technology by Kai Neumann

Just a small model on the competitiveness of eco technology and the effect of regulations that demand more eco friendly technologies.  Feel free to use the model to provide a more differentiated model.

Software (Product) Development Example Model by Kai Neumann

Small model on product development (in this case Consideo's improvement of data import functionality of the iMODELER) and how to use same basic features of the iMODELER like change of perspectives, use of categories and filters and some of the analysis functionality like the new bar charts and the benefit from the new weighting that comes with version 6. For more see the presenter (Menu ... Presenter).

SDG pathways - wonder why Glasgow doesn't set clear goals / commitments by Kai Neumann

A small qualitative model that helps to understand political failure. We need to see the counter forces. The reinforcing feedback loops basically show that we simply need to tell what is wrong (narratives) and support what is right (monetary policies, subsidies).

Agile methods by Kai Neumann

just a small model to think of the benefits and trade-offs. of agile methods

Standort-Attraktivität Kreis Rendsburg-Eckernförde by Franc Grimm

Hinweis zur Modellansicht /-navigation:  Sie können sich das Modell oben direkt anschauen. In dieser Schnellansicht des Modells werden immer nur die ersten 2 Modellebenen angezeigt, um das Modell übersichtlich zu halten. Sie haben jedoch die Möglichkeit, sich durch das Modell zu navigieren, in dem Sie die Ansichten wechseln. Klicken Sie hierfür einfach einen beliebigen Faktor (z.B. Lebensqualität) an und stellen Sie diesen ins Zentrum Ihrer Betrachtung - durch einen einfachen Klick auf das Zentrums-/Krei...

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Example by Kai Neumann

This model was developed with the help from the model "Comprehensive Enterprise Model" by Kai from KNOW-WHY.NET: Please open it with iMODELER and expand the clustered factors to see all the details (or have a look at the collection of slides in the Menu...Presenter, first)

BREXIT and the future of the EU by Kai Neumann

A small model on some major interconnections surrounding the BREXIT and the EU. Before you have a look at the presenter please try to find the major target within the model :-) And please tell or directly change via collaborative link what you miss or see differently.

Post Corona - how the world is possibly changing by Kai Neumann

This is our third model on the corona crisis (COVID-19). It explores the possible post corona world. Together with the other two models it is featured in our corresponding paper:  (available in German as well) The first model was our simulation model that somehow seems to be the most advanced model on the development of infections with dynamic parameters:  According to this there won't be enough intensive care ...