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A small qualitative model not just to show the importance of the iMODELER's main features. It also shows how to change one's organization's culture to a culture of regular reflexion of interconnections against a number of psychological obstacles.

For more background information I recommend from Apple's iTunes Store the interactive ibook "KNOW WHY and the iMODELER" with many models and exercises.

Note: a few factors have a quantitative formula. This is fake. I put them there to create the quantitative screenshots in the presenter for illustration purposes. Sorry :-)

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Week after week we learn also from our clients how important it is not just to have a few people in an organization who model but to include as many stakeholders as possible. Everybody should directly edit the model, especially the leaders. Otherwise - as KNOW WHY Thinkers would put it - it would be too much development without integration.
It is the very reason for 2016's new features we are going to add to the iMODELER.
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Some more emphasis on the psychological obstacles can be found in my book:
which is also available as an interactive ebook for Apple iBooks.

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