Why being conservative is dull by Susanne

Having read Kai Neumann’s tweet that conservative behavior shows a lack of either knowledge or intelligence or character, as well as reading a draft of one of Kai’s project reports that describes the importance of emotional effectiveness for sustainable behavior I wondered whether they were not connected. I expected to discover more interrelations, yet I like the little model I came up with, so here it is. Feel free to comment :-)

The America Deserves Better (ADB) Movement by Kai Neumann

So far my systemic analyses on US politics were right: https://www.know-why.net/model/CNrzC8lwArz25c6wxZOZyHA Now it is time to understand how the movement of the people can gain momentum. So, please add a comment on what is missing.

Jobs of the future by Kai Neumann

Just a small model on the developments of jobs to share on KNOW-WHY.NET for inspiration. Aspects like the increased demand for information technology and its consequences e.g. for less demand for expensive cars are not included, yet.

World economy mini model by Kai Neumann

a model for the English KNOW WHY book

ECEM Workshop Model 2023 by Kai Neumann

The target .... The model should.... Participants Short ... Medium ... Long ... Categories/Colors (see Menu.... Filter) System boundaries

Cheap meat trap by Kai Neumann

they want it because others want it ... so others just need to stop wanting it (whether we refer to developed countries or wealthy opinion leaders). btw: the inspiration to this model came from the club party of our sailing club where we get a huge buffet with all sorts of meat and fish and only minor vegetarian alternatives (not as a main dish). Asking the organizers the reaction was, that even the wealthy people of the club expect to eat tasty meat for as little money as possible and that they wouldn't...

Systemic look at e-fuels - shifting the burden creating wrong memes by Kai Neumann

The lack of systems thinking around the topic of e-fuels really hurts.  People need to understand the archetype of shifting the burden (to the intervenor), the vicious cycles from path dependencies and the psychological origin in the fear for change and selfish business interests.  Here some other insights on hydrogen of which I am actually a big fan: https://www.consideo.com/files/consideo/pdfs/papers/eng/ConsideoPaper-BEM-Engl.pdf https://www.know-why.net/model/Ckps4y3iZwQWd6YKcOb6qdQ https://www.consi...