For Paris: Why actions against climate change do not cost jobs by Kai Neumann

This model was meant to be a small model on the basic interconnections of actions against climate change and the main counter argument against them that they allegedly cost jobs. Feel free to add to it.

Paris: Governments acting on climate change by Kai Neumann

A qualitative model that asks what it takes to take political action. Feel free to add to it.

Impact chains of climate change by Kai Neumann

Just a small qualitative model to scope the economical implications of climate change. Feel free to use it (you may import it into your account).

Climate change: taking personal action by Kai Neumann

A qualitative model asking for our personal motivation to lower our impact on climate change. Feel free to add to it.

living vegan saving more than just the climate by Susanne

a small qualitative model on the arguments from the famous PETA video:¶ms=OAFIAVgB&v=qxrmosy1jCY&mode=NORMAL ... and some more arguments please add your comments

2017 - we can change by Kai Neumann

2016 - our challenge for 2017 for the sake of our future Let’s face it, 2016 was a terrible year. War, terror, refugees, Brexit, Trump, record CO2 levels, rising inequality etc. which interestingly are all connected as numerous cause and effect models from show. BTW: in one of the models I predicted early on Trump’s victory. After all it is your and my fault and it is you and me who can change it. Before I explain this a bit more here some horizon scanning on the year ahead, the echo-roo...

Climate policies in Germany by Kai Neumann

the green party in Germany has become quite popular with its concrete action (not enough I would say, but nevermind). now the opposition but also the coalition partners have started a populist's war of wrong memes to diminish the success. this model shows the factual problems: - to call for e-fuels is a classic shifting the burden ( - to call for market forces is good, yet there is the psychological obstacle that people want no change and that they d...

The rise of resistance against climate policies by Kai Neumann

Whether it is Germany's "Heizungsgesetz" or the European Union's "Renaturation Law" there is a certain pattern how resistance evolves. Recently I was on workation sailing the Baltic Sea observing lots of signs of movements against the implementation of protected natural habitats in the Baltic Sea. The fishing 'industry', the tourism, and the water sports enthusiasts all seem united in their protest against the protection of the Baltic Sea. Fact is, that the Baltic Sea is in an extremely poor condition ca...

Example for change management by Kai Neumann

Small example of a change management model