Open Source Horizon Scanning Trend Forecast Foresight Model (1) von Kai Neumann

This model should help to collect news from all over the world and put them into cause and effect relation to each other, and to the factors that define the economy, the societies, the environment, and everyone. Those factors we call targets, colored yellow. Whenever some interesting news pops up we may add further target factors to connect them with the central target of our all well being. The model should remain as general as possible. A small manual is provided with the Menu ... Presenter. News could...

What does Trump becoming president of the USA now mean to the world? von Kai Neumann

just trying to grasp the situation - please join the modeling! While I started trying to show the high risks of catastrophe I now see also opportunities. See some first insights in the presenter (Menu ... Presenter) By the way: I predicted the development of the US elections, unfortunately : 

Refugees in Germany and Europe von Kai Neumann

A small qualitative model that you may use (import it directly from KNOW-WHY.NET) to visualize and analyze the interconnections behind the challenge of refugees in Europe. As it is a collaborative model you may directly work on it. The following pictures from unknown artist(s) painted for the international degrowth conference in Leipzig 2015 say "a good live for everybody". Most amazingly is the fact that the artist(s) included a group of people reflecting on interrelations in order get new ideas/solutio...

Elon Musk and Sigmar Gabriel on the future of Electric Mobility von Kai Neumann

A few weeks ago Elon Musk presented his mission to an audience and the German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel. Well, the moderation of that event was, let us say: not optimal, but the arguments Elon Musk presented were stunning. This model tries to capture them challenging the reply of Minister Gabriel. Here is a video of that event: 

What have Trump, Putin, Erdogan, ISIS, etc. in common? von Kai Neumann

The question from the model's title is answered by the model as it shows causes to a world wide growing symptom.

For Paris: Why actions against climate change do not cost jobs von Kai Neumann

This model was meant to be a small model on the basic interconnections of actions against climate change and the main counter argument against them that they allegedly cost jobs. Feel free to add to it.

Sunnies vs. Shiites - geopolitical interests von Emma

This is just a start of a collaborative model trying to put together all the different arguments and interconnections surrounding the different and yet connected conflicts in the different regions of the Middle East. Please join this model!