TTIP - for the people or a few industries by Kai Neumann

Actually, it is fairly simple: Politics should serve the benefit of the people of this and the future generation which includes the generation of jobs. If an agreement was just for the benefit without the primacy of certain industry's interests the highest standards would be chosen - nothing one would have to negotiate in secrecy. However, if each side wants to maximize the benefit of an agreement on their jobs they seek to keep the obstacles high for the products from other countries and low for their o...

Universal basic income (Basic Income Guarantee / Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen) by Kai Neumann

Please join the collaborative modeling and reflect on the pros and cons ....There is also a quantitative model showing its feasibility: 

material wealth in the EURO zone (political decisions) by Kai Neumann

comprehensive model on major political topics yet not finished and not weighed

Project Portfolio Management by Franc Grimm

This model demonstrates an innovative and effective way for a permanent planning, prioritization, control and monitoring of all projects within an organization - based on Systems Thinking.

Sustainable Mobility by Kai Neumann

This rough model answers the question how interrelated the challenge for more sustainable mobility is. Extremely interesting is the role electric vehicles can play in this transformation. The color coding: green for measures, yellow for goals, red for problems, orange for other effects. Implicit in this model at several connections is that according to the KNOW-WHY-Thinking* of Kai Neumann every human seeks for the feeling of integration and development. That is why we will always want individual mobilit...

Apple's destiny (share price) by Kai Neumann

I share with Elon Musk that I use Apple and yet I am very disappointed that they are not better. Now, that Apple's share price continues to fall and now that Elon Musk in an interview - usually he criticizes Apple - predicted that they will come up with a cool electric vehicle I think it is time to reflect on Apple's destiny.  Feel free to join the collaborative model :-)

New York Times on Genetically Modified Crops by Emma

With this model I am trying to win a Fairphone ...... Seriously, I am trying to translate the major arguments from an article by the New York Times:

Tutorial: Quantitative Demo Model (diffusion model, word of mouth WoM marketing) by Kai Neumann

This is the quantitative model from the tutorial (Menu ... Show Help ... "?" ... Quantitative Model)

Paris: Governments acting on climate change by Kai Neumann

A qualitative model that asks what it takes to take political action. Feel free to add to it.

Example for change management by Kai Neumann

Small example of a change management model