Post Corona - how the world is possibly changing by Kai Neumann

This is our third model on the corona crisis (COVID-19). It explores the possible post corona world. Together with the other two models it is featured in our corresponding paper:  (available in German as well) The first model was our simulation model that somehow seems to be the most advanced model on the development of infections with dynamic parameters:  According to this there won't be enough intensive care ...

Afghanistan Stability / COIN Dynamics by pierreweidemann@w*

Here you have a model showing a snapshot of U.S. military's plan for "Afghanistan Stability / COIN Dynamics" Source  - -

Circular Economies - General Model by Kai Neumann

This qualitative cause and effect model is just a generalized model on the circular economy of manufactured products. For concrete projects and strategies it needs continued explorative reflexion and an adopted weighting of connections.

Success for by d3dhemmer

The eZelleron GmbH eZelleron is an innovative start-up company based in Dresden. The company has been developing low-emission energy sources for mobile power supplies since 2008. In addition to the well established advantages of fuel cell technology, eZelleron excels through cost efficiency in the production processes and through the perspective to utilize readily available fuels. The lead in technology is protected through several patent families and is currently put into pr...

Universal basic income UBI (Basic Income Guarantee / BGE Bedingungsloses Grundei by Kai Neumann

Please join the collaborative modeling and reflect on the pros and cons ....There is also a quantitative model showing its feasibility: 

Template Systemic SWOT Analysis by Kai Neumann

This is just a very small model to get an idea on how to model an enterprise in order to develop a systemic SWOT analysis. In a concrete case the 4 KNOW-WHY-Questions should help you to collect a lot of concrete hard (money, technology, ....) and soft (motivation, skills, relationships, ....) factors. You can continue to reflect on concrete measures to address your strengths and weaknesses.  With quantitative attribute you can monitor the current state of the factors. The position in the Insight Matrix s...

Project Portfolio Management by Franc Grimm

This model demonstrates an innovative and effective way for a permanent planning, prioritization, control and monitoring of all projects within an organization - based on Systems Thinking.

TTIP - for the people or a few industries by Kai Neumann

Actually, it is fairly simple: Politics should serve the benefit of the people of this and the future generation which includes the generation of jobs. If an agreement was just for the benefit without the primacy of certain industry's interests the highest standards would be chosen - nothing one would have to negotiate in secrecy. However, if each side wants to maximize the benefit of an agreement on their jobs they seek to keep the obstacles high for the products from other countries and low for their o...

Winning the Fairphone: a collaborative model on the development of house (real estate) prices by Kai Neumann

This is a collaborative qualitative model on the development of prices for real estate (houses, apartments etc.). While there is already a collaborative model on the development of stock markets ( I would like to gain more insights on house prices as well. Background: while the population is shrinking we still see a boom in the construction of new houses. I thought that this was only because of low interests but experts told me a couple of demogr...

Fridays for Future - debunking politician's bullshit by Kai Neumann

it is doable, in fact it would cost less, but memes and ill minded politicians serve single interests. unfortunately, there is no clear argumentation against the memes out there. this is just a rough sketch, but as a scientist I have examinded the path to a sustainable future in depth. please ask for more and join the modeling!  students and media need to be a role model for the green factors and explain the turqouise factors: ....