Tiny Houses / Floating Houses Strategiemodell von Kai Neumann

Just the start of a qualitative strategy model for a customer to reflect on the enterprise of bringing tiny houses (or something similar) to different regions.

Strategy Development (incl. Systemic SWOT and Systemic Risk Analysis) for an E-Car Enterprise von Kai Neumann

NOTE: This model is not complete - just an example for an accompanying paper published via KNOW-WHY.NET.  It is just a small example model for part 1 of a series of papers. It describes a fictious case of a start up enterprise that develops and produces a new electric vehicle. Here is the link to the guidance: http://www.consideo.de/downloads/Culture_of_Reflection_p1.pdf Aim This model should tell us what to do in order to become a successful enterprise offering a cool electric car. ScopeIt is a qualitat...

Example model on Value Chains (Qualitative Model) von Kai Neumann

Just a small example model to show the benefits of qualitative modeling of value chains (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_chain)  Note: There is also (soon) a quantitative model on KNOW-WHY.NET: https://www.know-why.net/model/CwgPFMPsVgABXfHJVpjxhqw

Quantitative model on smallholder's income (Workshop example using Monte Carlo) von Kai Neumann

This quantitative model is from a workshop for the University of Cape Coast. It features a small quantitative model that starts with a steady constant development of a smallholder's income from growing one crop. Via step by step simulation it can be changed. The model, then, was enriched by a Monte-Carlo simulation of the possible influence from extreme weather and by the use of the range() function to look for all possible combinations to identify an optimal solution. Note: some of the factors have an e...

Mini World von Kai Neumann

altes Modell aus dem UBA-Modell-Ordner (als .cons importiert) - keine Erinnerung, wofür das gedacht war - es ist aber gut

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Example von Kai Neumann

This model was developed with the help from the model "Comprehensive Enterprise Model" by Kai from KNOW-WHY.NET: https://www.know-why.net/model/A8rslLgjB2toQEfuOxlUWrw Please open it with iMODELER and expand the clustered factors to see all the details (or have a look at the collection of slides in the Menu...Presenter, first)

Profit (qualitative and quantitative model) von Franc Grimm

Here you will find an example for a qualitative & quantitative model for the following challenge: a company is comparing different measures (Cost Cutting or Investments in Product Innovation, Product Quality, Marketing or Motivation of Staff Members) to increase the profit in a short-, medium- and longterm view. Although this model is very simply, it already allows to gain some crucial insights - as a demonstration on how to analyse and to gain insights with our iMODELER.

Systemic view on terror threats after Paris von Kai Neumann

Just the start of a small model on the basic interconnections behind the growing threat of terror. You may use the collaborative link to edit the model or provide a complete new model.

Comprehensive Enterprise Model von Kai Neumann

This is just a fictious case of an enterprise to show how it can be comprehensively modeled. Not only the weightings should differ from case to case but also more concrete factors should be added, e.g the concrete competitors, the features of the products and their impact onto the customer's feeling of integration and development, the potential market expansion etc.. For a possible quantification and a BSC it should be checked whether all measures and decisions impact measurable factors. Also a lot soft ...