Integration of refugees by Kai Neumann

I have just started this collaborative model on the best way to integrate refugees  Please join the modeling 

growing together of a the INTERREG-region by k.gradman@h*

This model was developed with the help from the model "Growing together of the interreg-region (template for project days at schools)" by Franc Grimm from KNOW-WHY.NET.

The automotive industry and the circular economy by Kai Neumann

Although I have modeled it before I got inspired by the Accenture article   to develop another model. Look at the presenter for some astonishing insight.

PiM: Process of building a new garden house (Likelihood of Developments) 7 by Kai Neumann

The aim of this little model is to explore the project modeling possibilities of the PROCESS-iMODELER (it is called PROCESS-iMODELER though it is just a feature of the quantitative iMODELER). The project at hand is the building of a small garden house. The model probably isn't complete in its details as it just should show the functionality. This version of the garden house model shows how to model likelihoods of incidents e.g. of a person becoming ill or the occurrence of a quality problem.

Winning the Fairphone: a collaborative model on the development of house (real estate) prices by Kai Neumann

This is a collaborative qualitative model on the development of prices for real estate (houses, apartments etc.). While there is already a collaborative model on the development of stock markets ( I would like to gain more insights on house prices as well. Background: while the population is shrinking we still see a boom in the construction of new houses. I thought that this was only because of low interests but experts told me a couple of demogr...

PiM demo model on IT processes p2: developing solutions by Kai Neumann

This small PiM model shows how an IT company that develops apps or designs websites or installes software can be modeled in order to identify bottlenecks or constraints and to simulate the costs and income (benefit management)

world democracy by Kai Neumann

Whether it is FIFA or the UN or just the USA: the challenge is to get the voting for wise decisions Originally I thought it would be the same model for all three cases, but now I think  - FIFA sustains its system of corruption as those who profit from it directly vote for it (not the nations or organizations but its representatives) - the current UN or world security council suffers from the blockades mainly from China and Russia who do not want the UN to interfere in other countries. A World Council tha...

National health care system by Kai Neumann

just a quick collection of the major arguments maybe one should explicitly distinguish between private and national insurances and between the stakes of healthier and those less healthy persons though the major implications are already included. please post your comments

Nuclear Power by Kai Neumann

Sweden and several other countries decide to resume the use of the widely disputed nuclear energy, withdraw the promised decomission of older power plants and even plan to build new power plants. They argue that we all need cheap energy supply to gain time for the development of alternative energy sources and that nuclear energy is a carbon neutral and therefore climate saving source of energy. The majority of people until recently feared nuclear energy for its manifold risks. The costs of nuclear energy...

Template Systemic SWOT Analysis by Kai Neumann

This is just a very small model to get an idea on how to model an enterprise in order to develop a systemic SWOT analysis. In a concrete case the 4 KNOW-WHY-Questions should help you to collect a lot of concrete hard (money, technology, ....) and soft (motivation, skills, relationships, ....) factors. You can continue to reflect on concrete measures to address your strengths and weaknesses.  With quantitative attribute you can monitor the current state of the factors. The position in the Insight Matrix s...