The dynamics of cancer (collaborative model) by Kai Neumann

Just the start of a model since I was asked for a rather general model on this difficult topic. Since I am a layperson this model should be improved by either directly editing it via collaboration link or at least discussing it.

Sustainable Country Medium Model by Kai Neumann

Medium size model without megatrends and a few other details

Generic IT Model by Kai Neumann

Kleines, generisches Modell nur für KNOW-WHY.NET

System Archetypes Tragedy of the Commons by Franc Grimm

In the model "system achetypes" ( we have explained different system archetypes, which are describing common patterns of behavior in all kind of organizations or systems. For this, we have used simple examples - mainly based on the work of Peter Senge (Literature: Peter Senge et. al., The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, 1994).  Peter Senge documented the most common set of patterns of behavior in organizations that have the tendency of reoccurring. These p...

The price of sustainability by Kai Neumann

Being tired of the complaints that renewable energy is expensive, that we cannot afford the conservation of natural habitats, that not all people can purchase organic products, that our industry looses jobs, our citizens cannot bear the burden of the costs of sustainable solutions, and so forth I started this model. As it turned out it is not as easy as I thought. My original assumption was that any additional expenses should - with a high domestic value creation compared to the import of fossil fuels - ...

Wind industry's growth and over-investment archetype by Kai Neumann

just a small model to understand why the stocks from wind energy providers are loosing value ... despite the increase in installations. Peter Senge described the "Growth and underinvestment" archetype - this model rather features the "Growth and over-investment" archetype.

Qualitative model on the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) Extended by Kai Neumann

Qualitative cause and effect model on the SDGs This is a model that we (...) use for a paper yet to be published. Please copy (on you find the link to insert it into your account) it into your free account of iMODELER in order to enhance it and weight the connections to fit a concrete region or nation. You may also consider two concrete countries, e.g. a developed country and a developing country. Background:The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their generalized form need to be further ...

Qualitative model on the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) ExampleGhana by Kai Neumann discussed there and with an accompanying paper here: (discussion paper) and peer reviewed here: Kai Neumann, Carl Anderson, and Manfred Denich (2018). Participatory, explorative, qualitative modeling: application of the iMODELER software to assess trade-offs among the SDGs. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 12 (2018-25): 1–19.

Climate Change - a comprehensive and collaborative model on the arguments by Kai Neumann

This model was developed with the help from the model "Globale Erderwärmung" by MaggerTheGreat from KNOW-WHY.NET.