Pros and Cons of autonomous cars (self driving vehicles (SDV)) by Kai Neumann

A collaborative, qualitative model on the various aspects of SDVs. Please join the modeling.

Mini Model on Green Investments by Kai Neumann

a very small model showing the major levers as they turned out in larger models on

London's Housing Crisis - a collaborative modeling experience by Kai Neumann

On LinkedIn ( Bob Bollen asks for ways to model London's housing crisis. While some suggestions are rather complicated (some imho outdated) I'd like to suggest to just start with it in a way that not just experts but also stakeholders can read a model and contribute to it. So here is the start of a collaborative model.  Please ask for any further assistance / guidance using the comment functions on kno...

World economy mini model by Kai Neumann

a model for the English KNOW WHY book

Profit through cooperation with competitors by Kai Neumann

This model explores the challenges and the potential benefits of cooperation between competitors. Its connections need to be weighted. Most measures now are more costs than benefit ...

Impact chains of climate change by Kai Neumann

Just a small qualitative model to scope the economical implications of climate change. Feel free to use it (you may import it into your account).