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This is a collaborative qualitative model on the development of prices for real estate (houses, apartments etc.).

While there is already a collaborative model on the development of stock markets ( I would like to gain more insights on house prices as well.

Background: while the population is shrinking we still see a boom in the construction of new houses. I thought that this was only because of low interests but experts told me a couple of demographic arguments I wasn't aware of.

Let us see how we can cover this topic. So, please join the modeling.

PS 1:

Maybe we need to quantify different cohorts of our society and run a simulation model on this, but that should come later and probably in a different model.

PS 2: 

Of course, I wouldn't be allowed to win the Fairphone ( but if this model should receive most views maybe those who contribute most to the discussion and/or the model might earn one.


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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies Emma

well done, Emma!

Emma replies Kai Neumann

Hi Kai
Just tried a different approach without parallel factors - see if it still fits your mental model.
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies Emma

Hmm, guess it could easily modelled parallel. Energy prices should become an exogenous factor, then, and a devaluation of houses with a lower energetic standard should be the consequence. But what about too luxury objects and their loss of value due to decreased demand?


Shouldn't there be a difference between affordable, smaller units for elders, and energetically optimized housings vs. those rather luxury objects that are currently built?
But how to integrate this?

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