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The eZelleron GmbH  http://www.ezelleron.eu/en/

eZelleron is an innovative start-up company based in Dresden. The company has been developing low-emission energy sources for mobile power supplies since 2008. In addition to the well established advantages of fuel cell technology, eZelleron excels through cost efficiency in the production processes and through the perspective to utilize readily available fuels. The lead in technology is protected through several patent families and is currently put into practice in a number of products of varying power for small to mid-sized electrical devices.

If you like it you can oder by kickstarter (clothed 8.March 2015)

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kraftwerk® is moving to the Silicon Valley (April 13th 2016)

this is their press release:

eZelleron‘s mobile kraftwerk®-technology is hyped all over the planet as the next big clean technology step. Smartphones operating for months independent from the power grid and electric vehicles with more than 2000 miles range extension will be available to everyone by this new energy solution. But according to the founders the mindset and the drive for such a revolutionary technology can only be born and raised in the Silicon Valley.

Palo Alto, USA, April 13th 2016. The worldwide interest in the start-up eZelleron, the manufacturer of kraftwerk®, is taking on an ever greater dimension. While intensifying the cooperation with a big car manufacturer and several automotive suppliers, eZelleron is still focused on the gigantic market of the pocket power plant kraftwerk®. Driven by the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel eZelleron opened its new office in the Silicon Valley this week.

“Unfortunately, looking for growth capital in Europe is still an impossible task.“, says the co-founder and COO Martin Pentenrieder. “The investment, required for deep technology high-tech start-ups, are too progressive for most European investors.“ eZelleron was chosen as one of the most promising tech start-up’s by Sigmar Gabriel’s German Accelerator program to relocate their headquarters to the Silicon Valley.

However, eZelleron wants to maintain the location in Dresden as manufacturing facility because of the motivation and performance of their outstanding team there: “We have invented a breakthrough technology here with this team.“ says Dr. Sascha Kühn, the founder and CEO. eZelleron GmbH in Dresden, Germany will be liquidated under the restructuring process and the Dresden site will be integrated into the new US based kraftwerk Inc. holding, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Former investors, creditors will be offered shares of the new kraftwerk Inc in the future.

Sascha Kühn is convinced that the technology kraftwerk® is a key building block for an efficient mobile energy future: “It is my dream to give all people the opportunity to produce their own electricity in an ecological and efficient way, whenever they need it.“


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