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This is just a very small model to get an idea on how to model an enterprise in order to develop a systemic SWOT analysis.

In a concrete case the 4 KNOW-WHY-Questions should help you to collect a lot of concrete hard (money, technology, ....) and soft (motivation, skills, relationships, ....) factors. You can continue to reflect on concrete measures to address your strengths and weaknesses. 

With quantitative attribute you can monitor the current state of the factors. The position in the Insight Matrix shows the importance of the factors, their diameter the value of the attribute hence the current state.

Compared to a classic SWOT analysis a systemic SWOT analysis from explorative qualitative cause and effect modeling offers
  • possibility to consider an extreme large number of possible factors through collaborative stakeholder modeling
  • use of KNOW-WHY-Questions to come up with soft factors that can develop a crucial role instead of rather reductionistic list of typical factors (however, you may have a look at classic SWOT analyses as well to see if you haven't miss something)
  • analysis of the relevance of different factors instead of mere sovereignty of interpretation 
For a more detailed enterprise model see for example this one:
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