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As disappointed I as I was about the lates election‘s results I nevertheless see a historic opportunity for real political progress. A lot major steps are prevented (for sometimes a very good reason) by the power sharing between national Bundestag and federal Bundesrat with a reigning CDU that is by definition conservative trying to change as little as possible. Now there is little alternative to bargaining a change other than they could decide to change nothing but to get ministries or than to repeat the election or even ask the SPD to continue to reign with the CDU tolerated by the rest. Once we have coalition and opposition they will block each other and the many needed steps are postponed.

As little as I want radical wishes from certain parties to become reality I see the opportunity for radical wishes of my favorite party to become law. Thus I speak of an opportunity knowing that compromises feel bad and in this case of course foster wrong politics as a side effect. Game theory‘s tit for tat game.

The 16 reinforcing feedback loops show the power of compromises. Feel free to add additional positions.

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Just watched a talk show. The idea of the actually opposing parties to base the talks on a common vision for Germany was doomed to fail. The idea of the model to base the future discussions on major concessions at the start was way more realistic. Whoever moderated the discussions imho made a major mistake. Neither new elections with little interest from the voters nor a minority government that will be blocked from any major step by the powerful opposition will prepare this country for the future. We need new personalities in our political landscape if not a new party.
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Looking at it again it basically means: to get one thing some of them have to compromise on three things. Sounds like a bad deal, but the alternative would be getting nothing done, having no power, loosing voter's trust. However, compromises could also mean loosing voter's trust so each party should be entitled to name the compromises they had to make in the coalition forming phase and nevertheless within the coalition at its working groups in the future they should be able to discuss the topics at hand with no tactical manoeuvres and blame games. A couple of months before the next election they should then be allowed again to name the compromises they had to make and wish to change once they get more votes.

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