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Whether it is FIFA or the UN or just the USA: the challenge is to get the voting for wise decisions

Originally I thought it would be the same model for all three cases, but now I think 
- FIFA sustains its system of corruption as those who profit from it directly vote for it (not the nations or organizations but its representatives)
- the current UN or world security council suffers from the blockades mainly from China and Russia who do not want the UN to interfere in other countries. A World Council that wouldn't need unanimous decisions and would offer one vote per country on the other hand would threat the establishment of the western countries when poor countries follow the wrong information.

What the model shows, however, is the importance of information and concrete steps to improve the situation of the people we want that they vote for the right politics even if it costs short term.


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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies Dirk Fabricius

Hello Dirk F.
Thanks for the profound remarks. I agree that it would be clearer to distinguish between effective steps and alibi steps. Feel free to edit the model via its collaborative link as Dirk S. already did.

Dirk Fabricius

Hello Kai,
some remarks on your model.
I think, UN and FIFA are not really democratic by their respective legal constitution: its not the people, who elect their representatives. The US are of course legally, and here your model is about the difference between legal und factual constitution. (See the TED-Talk by Lawrence Lessig –
The "alibi steps" for my opinion are a the contrary to improving steps, a factor on their own near to "wrong information" (manipulation). 
Third, I think non-voters are a big problem in real democracies, perhaps more than the manipulated wrong voters.
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Hi Dirk
Thanks! I have activated the collaborative link. Let's improve the model :-)
Dirk Schink

Dirk Schink

Thanks for this model, Kai. Incorporating "trust into curative systems" and the factor of "first movers" and "followers" to buildup critical mass for wise decisions could further improve the insight.