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This small model should just help to facilitate a workshop at the WaterkantFestival 2017 in Kiel, Germany.

The topic is to show how a new enterprise can become successful with an innovation. This model looks exactly at the enterprise. Another model will look at the generation of an innovative product (applying the so called Idealized System Design). And a third, quantitative model will show how counterintiutive dynamics behind a start up can be (the diffussion model that shows how to burn investor's money).

"If an enterprise fails it is because some crucial factors were overlooked or some dynamics were underestimated" 

Even copying a success story only works under certain circumstances. Otherwise best practice is the recipe for someone else under different conditions. Nevertheless, (larger, or 'I can't think of a polite name for it') consultancies love to sell fixed recipies.

However, this model should show how to critically reflect on crucial factors that might be relevant and how to use the freeware iMODELER's features for analysis to understand the dynamics of one's enterprise.

Basically, we just ask at each factor the four KNOW-WYH-Questions: what leads directly to more, what to less, what might lead to more in the future, what might lead to less in the future? We can refer to financial, technical, organizational, social, psychological, political, etc. factors.

Neumann, K. (2015) KNOW-WHY: Erfolg durch Begreifen / KNOW-WHY: Gain insight - get success


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