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Schiller is said to have said that a comedy is working because unconsciously ordinary people are relieved to feel that other people are more stupid. Studies proofed that the most wanted parts of a newspaper are catastrophes and the horoscope. Catastrophes, because we unconsciously are relieved that this didn’t happen to us. Unfortunately, this is the reason why car accidents and terror attacks in our cities with comparable few casualties are way more relevant to us than the many more casualties there are every day because of wars, terror, and famines - many of which are actually due to the weapons we export and the way live and cause climate change.

Of course, the terror in Berlin is devastating and yet, where does all the internal information on the authority's internal protocols come from? Why is everybody reporting on the threat from refugees and mosques? It will lead to the very same developments that we have witnessed in the US, where populism won over realism. Do we really want AfD, LePen, etc. be in charge, close borders, observe citizens and restrict civil rights with no concept to face the actual reasons for terror and refugees: climate change (especially in Syria), big business with weapons (UAE) and fossile resources in return for luxury cars and machinery and existing financial connections (Russia). Media should not foster populism and later regret that populists win elections (Obama named this in his last press conference). How we deal with refugees is regulated by law. If not by refugees and even with closed borders there would still by plenty of ways for suicide bombers for terror attacks. Terror is a symptom, not a cause. Why do we think that police and intelligence (what a word in this context) agencies made a mistake? Why do we blame our politicians (well, I know many reasons, but not for the lack of observation of our citizens)?

So, media, please report on weapons export, our efforts to cope with climate change, and offer your customers ways of action other than just voting for inevitable upcoming populists that promise unaccomplishable simple minded solutions.


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