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NOTE: This model is not complete - just an example for an accompanying paper published via KNOW-WHY.NET.  It is just a small example model for part 1 of a series of papers. It describes a fictious case of a start up enterprise that develops and produces a new electric vehicle.

Here is the link to the guidance:



This model should tell us what to do in order to become a successful enterprise offering a cool electric car.


It is a qualitative model with
  • Short term: 1 month
  • Medium term: ... 1 year
  • Long term: beyond 1 year (up to three years)

Who takes part

The models starts with ..... Later it continues with. We have scheduled the following sessions: ....

What is left out (System Boundary)

  • We do not look into the specifics of the product as this is done with a separate model (Idealized System Design, part 2 of the series)
  • ...


  • targets (yellow)
  • measures (green)
  • risks/problems (red)
  • resources (blue)
  • external developments (turquoise)
  • ...

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies danielleu@i*

capital is indeed represented by investors and private capital. in a complete model there could also be subsidies, credits, or similar....


I miss the factor "capital" (as supplied by the factor "investors")

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