Systemic view on terror threats after Paris by Kai Neumann

Just the start of a small model on the basic interconnections behind the growing threat of terror. You may use the collaborative link to edit the model or provide a complete new model.

Open Source Horizon Scanning Trend Forecast Foresight Model (1) by Kai Neumann

This model should help to collect news from all over the world and put them into cause and effect relation to each other, and to the factors that define the economy, the societies, the environment, and everyone. Those factors we call targets, colored yellow. Whenever some interesting news pops up we may add further target factors to connect them with the central target of our all well being. The model should remain as general as possible. A small manual is provided with the Menu ... Presenter. News could...

Iranian crisis and Israel's influence by Emma

Motivated by the growing critique from the US republicans I have started a model on the deal with Iran. Am I missing something? If you want I might share a collaborative link on the pinboard.

Climate Change - a comprehensive and collaborative model on the arguments by Kai Neumann

This model was developed with the help from the model "Globale Erderwärmung" by MaggerTheGreat from KNOW-WHY.NET.

Post Corona - how the world is possibly changing by Kai Neumann

This is our third model on the corona crisis (COVID-19). It explores the possible post corona world. Together with the other two models it is featured in our corresponding paper:  (available in German as well) The first model was our simulation model that somehow seems to be the most advanced model on the development of infections with dynamic parameters:  According to this there won't be enough intensive care ...

Volkswagen Crisis - actually a chance? by Emma

Just a small qualitative model to keep track with the developments and to discuss the likelihood of a true change vs. a powerful lobbying. Please add your arguments!

The effect of low oil prices and end of Iranian sanctions (Fareed Zakaria's arguments) by Kai Neumann

The start of the model is based on an article by Fareed Zakaria. Feel free to edit the model through the collaborative modeling link " By Fareed Zakaria Thursday, February 4, 2016 One of Donald Trump’s stock campaign lines is that the Iran nuclear agreement was “terrible.” I’m beginning to wonder whether that’s true, but from the other side. Iran has ended up with a much worse deal than it expected. Remember, Tehran entered the negotiations in the heady days of high oil prices. As the Iranians are discov...

world democracy by Kai Neumann

Whether it is FIFA or the UN or just the USA: the challenge is to get the voting for wise decisions Originally I thought it would be the same model for all three cases, but now I think  - FIFA sustains its system of corruption as those who profit from it directly vote for it (not the nations or organizations but its representatives) - the current UN or world security council suffers from the blockades mainly from China and Russia who do not want the UN to interfere in other countries. A World Council tha...