Project Portfolio Management von Franc Grimm

This model demonstrates an innovative and effective way for a permanent planning, prioritization, control and monitoring of all projects within an organization - based on Systems Thinking.

Profit through cooperation with competitors von Kai Neumann

This model explores the challenges and the potential benefits of cooperation between competitors. Its connections need to be weighted. Most measures now are more costs than benefit ...

Being successful through a new culture of reflexion von Kai Neumann

A small qualitative model not just to show the importance of the iMODELER's main features. It also shows how to change one's organization's culture to a culture of regular reflexion of interconnections against a number of psychological obstacles. For more background information I recommend from Apple's iTunes Store the interactive ibook "KNOW WHY and the iMODELER" with many models and exercises. Note: a few factors have a quantitative formula. This is fake. I put them there to create the quantitative scr...

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Example von Kai Neumann

This model was developed with the help from the model "Comprehensive Enterprise Model" by Kai from KNOW-WHY.NET: Please open it with iMODELER and expand the clustered factors to see all the details (or have a look at the collection of slides in the Menu...Presenter, first)

Comprehensive Enterprise Model von Kai Neumann

This is just a fictious case of an enterprise to show how it can be comprehensively modeled. Not only the weightings should differ from case to case but also more concrete factors should be added, e.g the concrete competitors, the features of the products and their impact onto the customer's feeling of integration and development, the potential market expansion etc.. For a possible quantification and a BSC it should be checked whether all measures and decisions impact measurable factors. Also a lot soft ...

Ethical management (FIFA, Volkswagen, Food Industry, Banks, etc.) von Kai Neumann

A collaborative qualitative model that goes into more detail on the question how we as a society can get companies with more ethical behavior. A factor that pops up in the Volkswagen model by Emma:  but also when we think about FIFA or all the lobbyist's work from the oil industry (there is the BP memo from the eighties that described the strategy to prevent the information of the public on the likelihood of a climate change) or the nutrition ind...

The case of Mr. E (case management example) von Susanne

This is an anonymous case management example from my work with a client using the iMODELER