Profit through cooperation with competitors by Kai Neumann

This model explores the challenges and the potential benefits of cooperation between competitors. Its connections need to be weighted. Most measures now are more costs than benefit ...

Next crash inevitable? by Kai Neumann

a qualitative model including the arguments from an article from Handelsblatt ( and some more feel free to edit the model via its collaborative link

How to make Russia great again - and save Ukraine by Kai Neumann

It is a collaborative model - please edit it. Sanctions alone end in a balancing feedback loop but with the right narrative over working chanels it could lead to a removal of Putin! Narrative should be something like “ Ukrainians are brothers and sisters, the world wants to partner with Russia - Putin exploits Russia for his mad interests.” There is much more explanation to give to this model - I will add to it or you may edit it and place comments within the model using the "D".

Being successful through a new culture of reflexion by Kai Neumann

A small qualitative model not just to show the importance of the iMODELER's main features. It also shows how to change one's organization's culture to a culture of regular reflexion of interconnections against a number of psychological obstacles. For more background information I recommend from Apple's iTunes Store the interactive ibook "KNOW WHY and the iMODELER" with many models and exercises. Note: a few factors have a quantitative formula. This is fake. I put them there to create the quantitative scr...

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Example by Kai Neumann

This model was developed with the help from the model "Comprehensive Enterprise Model" by Kai from KNOW-WHY.NET: Please open it with iMODELER and expand the clustered factors to see all the details (or have a look at the collection of slides in the Menu...Presenter, first)

Comprehensive Enterprise Model by Kai Neumann

This is just a fictious case of an enterprise to show how it can be comprehensively modeled. Not only the weightings should differ from case to case but also more concrete factors should be added, e.g the concrete competitors, the features of the products and their impact onto the customer's feeling of integration and development, the potential market expansion etc.. For a possible quantification and a BSC it should be checked whether all measures and decisions impact measurable factors. Also a lot soft ...

Qualitative model on the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) Extended by Kai Neumann

Qualitative cause and effect model on the SDGs This is a model that we (...) use for a paper yet to be published. Please copy (on you find the link to insert it into your account) it into your free account of iMODELER in order to enhance it and weight the connections to fit a concrete region or nation. You may also consider two concrete countries, e.g. a developed country and a developing country. Background:The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their generalized form need to be further ...

Qualitative model on the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) ExampleGhana by Kai Neumann discussed there and with an accompanying paper here: (discussion paper) and peer reviewed here: Kai Neumann, Carl Anderson, and Manfred Denich (2018). Participatory, explorative, qualitative modeling: application of the iMODELER software to assess trade-offs among the SDGs. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 12 (2018-25): 1–19.