Projekt-Grobreflexion by Kai Neumann

Grobmodell, welches Integration weicher Faktoren zeigt

Next crash inevitable? by Kai Neumann

a qualitative model including the arguments from an article from Handelsblatt ( and some more feel free to edit the model via its collaborative link

Profit through cooperation with competitors by Kai Neumann

This model explores the challenges and the potential benefits of cooperation between competitors. Its connections need to be weighted. Most measures now are more costs than benefit ...

How to make Russia great again - and save Ukraine by Kai Neumann

It is a collaborative model - please edit it. Sanctions alone end in a balancing feedback loop but with the right narrative over working chanels it could lead to a removal of Putin! Narrative should be something like “ Ukrainians are brothers and sisters, the world wants to partner with Russia - Putin exploits Russia for his mad interests.” There is much more explanation to give to this model - I will add to it or you may edit it and place comments within the model using the "D".