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a qualitative model including the arguments from an article from Handelsblatt ( and some more

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Just read in Handelsblatt about some figures from Germany. 6.000 billion of money in private households compared to 1.700 billion of debts of private households. On the other hand globally the debt rate (according to latest Word Economic Forum Risk Report) is 220 percent of the global GDP. So, what happens with the debts and the available money even without considering that there is a decoupled financial industry with mere virtual money? Will in case of a crisis to people with money own everything from people running out of money, or will both, money and debts be reevaluated? IMHO this thought is phase 2 coming after a series of chain reactions in a phase 1. What would you say?
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Jobs were missing - thanks for the hint

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