Iranian crisis and Israel's influence by Emma

Motivated by the growing critique from the US republicans I have started a model on the deal with Iran. Am I missing something? If you want I might share a collaborative link on the pinboard.

living vegan saving more than just the climate by Susanne

a small qualitative model on the arguments from the famous PETA video:¶ms=OAFIAVgB&v=qxrmosy1jCY&mode=NORMAL ... and some more arguments please add your comments

growing together of a the INTERREG-region by k.gradman@h*

This model was developed with the help from the model "Growing together of the interreg-region (template for project days at schools)" by Franc Grimm from KNOW-WHY.NET.

Growing together of the interreg-region (template for project days at schools) by Franc Grimm

short-term: < 1 year medium-term: 1-3 years lang-term: > 3 years

Greenpeace, Rezo, die CDU und die SPD by Kai Neumann

Ein kleines Modell, um mir selbst der aktuellen Entwicklung klarer zu werden. Andrea Nahles tritt wenig verwunderlich zurück, eh sie abgewählt wird oder nur ein schlechtes Ergebnis erhält. Greenpeace protestiert vor CDU. Die CDU hingegen ermahnt die SPD, doch wenigstens das Kohlegesetz durchzubringen - so schlecht ist dieses Gesetz, dass es schnell festgezurrt werden muss. Danach wird die CDU ein bisschen mehr Klimaschutz zur Beruhigung der Mitte der Gesellschaft ("wir tun doch schon was, sollen erst ein...

Solution: Where do our vegetables come from by Kai Neumann

A model explaining the basic loops of agriculture This model is part of a series of models that could serve as examples for small models on global challenges as they could be modeled by pupils. Of course, depending on their age and the time that is available as well as the help you offer they could come up with more details. What is the model asking?The model asks for the sustainability of farming using the KNOW WHY Questions from the KNOW WHY Method as they show up when we use the iMODELER. When we cont...