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A model explaining the basic loops of agriculture

This model is part of a series of models that could serve as examples for small models on global challenges as they could be modeled by pupils. Of course, depending on their age and the time that is available as well as the help you offer they could come up with more details.

What is the model asking?

The model asks for the sustainability of farming using the KNOW WHY Questions from the KNOW WHY Method as they show up when we use the iMODELER. When we continue to ask where our vegetables depend on we will finally realize the need to close loops and to change our hapits. 
As a very basic model it is possible to model this topic with six years old children provided you help them to understand what nutrients and fertile soil are.


20 years to show the impacts of climate change with short term referring to 1 year, mid term to 10 years and long term everything that takes longer than 10 years.


green for measures
yellow for targets
orange for external factors and resources
red for problems

System Boundaries - what is not included?

Well, there is a lot included. You can build this model with less. 


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