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This model is just a start. The next step would be to include the targets from the source above.

Feel free to insert the model to your (free) iMODELER account to start a more detailed model !!!

After that we should continue to use the 4 Know Why Questions in order to exploratively add hard and soft factors that help to explain what could serve as an effective lever to improve the situation in the world.
Finally the model could be used to distinguish different regions in the world.
Of course, the source already features a promising quantitative model just to do that. Yet, I'd rather like to have a more transparent open source model so in the future it would be interesting to develop a quantitative  iMODELER model that could be developed collaboratively.
Let us see how much support this idea gets.

Note: this model could be merged with the successful horizon scanning model from KNOW-WHY.NET as well.

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

There is an extended version of this model linking the targets of the goals:
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies bent.erik.bakken@d*

Somehow, I have overlooked this comment. Cool stuff - I just downloaded your paper. Thanks!



We launched this model-based assessment of SDGs.

The model is quantitative, but in the preparation process, we also built a qualitative mode similar to yours.

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