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This is our team's model (work in progress). Feel free to join the team.

Guiding Star:
A society that aims at improving society and oneself. (Taken from Star Trek)

Near Star:
Establish a culture of systemic reflection where people do not think that they know the answer already (based on gut feeling, sovereignty of interpretation, or similar) but instead get used to systemically explore the interconnections. 

Framing Question:
What are the obstacles towards a culture of reflection, what the concrete levers?


With the latest rise of a post-truth era we have reached a climax of a reductionistic way of opinion building and discussion. People refer for social, psychological and methodological (maybe more) reasons to gut feelings and some sort of sovereignty of interpretation. We shy away from systems thinking and modeling. Even some of the people who consider themselves systems thinker are actually just describing their view instead of exploring the situation at hand. This project should aim to identify the underlying obstacles to a change and come up with a strategy.


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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies Jürgen T. Sturany

Danke dir! Hier ist noch ein älteres, umfassenderes Modell:
Jürgen T. Sturany

Jürgen T. Sturany

Ein großartig einfaches Modell das mir die Zusammenhänge der Hürden von Reflektion aufzeigt.... Danke Kai
Jürgen T. Sturany