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We are in the midst of an escalation of attitudes against refugees and politics with our media reporting that we have reached limits, with the use of suggestive questions in almost every interview. The existing models on the refugee crisis on predicted that: 
The consequence will be right wing movements and while media thinks it should warn of a threat of right wing movements it actually fuels them.

However, now we need to find a clever way out and as the models on have grown fairly large already I have started a smaller, new one.

First a general note the call for limitation or refugees. Actually, we are used to limit our humanity. Each year we decide to donate for charity and each year we decide to give only a bit of what would generally possible leaving all the other poor people to their destiny. We decide so arguing that we cannot risk our material wealth as this are very important in our community. So when Germany or Europe is calling for a limit it also decides to leave all the other desperate humans to their destiny - in fact at the border or dying in the mediterranean sea. But there are two differences, though. First, we face no material disadvantage in our community as we already are the richtest. Second, it is against our constitution not to help. 

A possible third argument might be that we somehow are also part of the causes for refugees delivering arms and causing climate change (which is a major cause for the Syrian war). That kind or argument would be true for our yearly individual donations as well as we as the rich are also a major cause for the poverty elsewhere, but that just puts my argumentation to a far left.

Nevertheless we could face limits to how many refugees we can integrate. The question is whether these limits are absolute or just a consequence of dull behavior and poor management. If we now start to call for limitations or an end of the flow of refugees without addressing the real challenges we will fail to integrate even those who are already here. This model looks for insights and ideas - some taken from the larger model mentioned before.

This model just asks for the situation right here. REFUGEES are a SYMPTOM. We need to address the CAUSES ! But that is the topic of the other models.

Here is a collaborative (please add your arguments) model that takes a closer look at the concrete possibilities to integrate refugees:


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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Here is an interesting reference on the emotional effect of having enemies: Martha Newson, Tiago Bortolini, Michael Buhrmester, Silvio Ricardo da Silva, Jefferson Nicássio Queiroga da Aquino, Harvey Whitehouse. Brazil's football warriors: Social bonding and inter-group violence. Evolution and Human Behavior, 2018; DOI: 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2018.06.010 ... after all it is a "convenient" way to feel integration and it takes alternative offers to feel integration not just rational arguments (for more see the Know-Why of human behavior).

Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

I have added resources and opened the model for collaborative modeling. Feel free to edit it :-)