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On LinkedIn ( Bob Bollen asks for ways to model London's housing crisis. While some suggestions are rather complicated (some imho outdated) I'd like to suggest to just start with it in a way that not just experts but also stakeholders can read a model and contribute to it. So here is the start of a collaborative model. 

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann replies Kai Neumann

...and here is even a simulation model from that project that easily could be modeled with iMODELER as well:
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

here is a link to a fairly sophisitcated modeling project that includes this topic:
I wonder what they could have come up with if they had used Participatory Explorative Qualitative Modeling with the possibilities of analyses of the iMODELER
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

So, first and possibly most difficult question for this project is to define the overall target. What are we looking for? Is it the Optimal housing in London?

Use the collaborative link and any name (the third field) to join the modeling. Click on the factor, the "i" and then rename it.

Next step, then, is to add concrete aspects that define this target by click on the "+" button on top of the factor. Maybe it is "affordability for lower incomes", "number of available units" and so forth.

We will then continue asking for each of the more specific factors: what leads to more, what hinders, what might light to more in the future, what might lead to less in the future?