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I have considered the "Letzte Generation" protests to be too harsh thinking that people as a reaction wouldn't sympathize with protesters and their cause anymore. But realizing how people react with hate just to stay in their comfort zone (and because of the fear of change) now shows me that like in the early days of F4F it takes the fact viral that we need drastic change and unmasks those who still don't get it.

We need to change from 9 - 11 tons of CO2 eq per person per year to around 1 - 2 tons - no matter how China or the US are changing. So it is everything: less animal food, less use of cars, smaller living rooms, less traveling, fewer gadgets etc.. Funny thing: it could well mean more happiness, like we have explored with a scientific project for the German environment agency:
So let there be more frustrated people - themselves live vegan, without a car and sufficient - creatively gaining attention for the fact that we do not do enough.

... and also let there be people to show how change works and feels good 
.... and scientists who show how drastic change doesn't mean a decrease in wealth or economic activity (costs actually are investments with increased domestic value creation) 
.... and businesses that offer alternative ways.

Let us get our new comfort zone and find ways to take those who can't afford change with us.


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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann now the UN is pushing to look at the legal aspects since the protests are pointing to the fact that our politics and society don't follow their legal obligations ....