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Schnellansicht des Modells (öffne Gesamtmodell mit iMODELER):

present thumbnailKai Neumann (#1) hat eine Beschreibung des Modells im iMODELER Presenter erstellt.


Just a small example model to show the benefits of quantitative modeling of value chains ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_chain)

The model shows just the basic use of process and project factors as well as resource factors and parameter for their prices. The major benefit of the iMODELER is now to continue with non-linear dynamics in case of reinforcing errors or variations analysed with Monte Carlo simulations to match reality‘s complexity. Don‘t hesitate to ask for more specific and advanced examples. 
Note: There is also a qualitative model on KNOW-WHY.NET: 

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