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It is absurd that the farmers are protesting against policies and not against the food industry and the people. they protest for lower costs only to make the industry richer instead for higher prices to strengthen their role in the market.

Conventional agriculture is the major polluter of soil and water and one major reason for the loss of biodiversity, period. they need regulation. plus they contribute to climate change and the degradation of soils. their claim of good farming practices is bullshit since for decades we needed to come up with more regulation to minimize their negative impact.

However, the model shows that conventional farming is a victim of circumstances - they thus should protest for more income and not for less regulation nor for further subsidies for the wrong practices.

An easy lever would be to remunerate the protection of natural capital and to increase minimum income so everyone can afford to buy organic products. for us it would be to eat less meat and waste less food as it is described in this study:

... because we could easily feed the world with organic farming but there is no way to continue to feed the world without major changes.


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