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the green party in Germany has become quite popular with its concrete action (not enough I would say, but nevermind). now the opposition but also the coalition partners have started a populist's war of wrong memes to diminish the success. this model shows the factual problems:

- to call for e-fuels is a classic shifting the burden (
- to call for market forces is good, yet there is the psychological obstacle that people want no change and that they don't see the potential costs of the future if they can spare money in the present. the industry in turn needs to be sure that change will come to make the right strategical decisions. so, to prohibit something that actually even the opposition says that we need to get rid off is a strong sign to industry and consumer and would help to make solutions available and cheaper. to say that the market will do will only postpone decisions.
- to criticize the tax on extra profits that were made during market turmoils around energy prices, a tax that should help the consumer and industry with subsidies and urge the energy provider to lower the prices for preventing progress and investments, is bullshit. if someone owns a wind park and gains higher income she or he could simply invest in more so the actual profit would remain lower. it is a tax on profit, not on revenue! but if someone simply wants to keep the money, well, than it is unfair that the consumerr and the rest of the economy carry the burden. so what is this fuzz about?


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