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Here we go with this year's riddle. Try to connect the following factors in a meaningful way:

- Achieving small targets
- Energy, strength
- Going for the targets
- Happiness
- Passive joy from TV, junk food, purchases, etc.
- Relaxing
- Setting small targets
- Stress from job, family etc.
- Time for reflection, awareness

You can import the model your account or start from scratch. Please send your answer to and DO NOT post them here so others have chance to try it for themselves.

After a while we could discuss the solutions right here. The model contains a lot on modeling and some psychological aspects for everyone.

Last year more than 100 people tried the riddle, most getting it right. It should take somewhat between 5 and 30 minutes. As I have learned from other's experiences the quickest way is to ask the four KNOW-WHY-questions (what leads directly (!) to more (+) or less (-) of something, now or in the future?) beginning with the target factor and carefully check whether it is really a direct influence. The second best way is to start one's own model and afterwards see what would be a solution to the riddle. And the least feasible solution seems to be the most frequently chosen one, a mere trial and error without checking if the connections are really direct.

Have fun and let the discussion soon begin.

Please feel also free to place your own riddles. What about peace, free trade, resource consumption, poverty and demographic change, a fulfilling job, harmony in families, etc.?


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