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A small model on some major interconnections surrounding the BREXIT and the EU. Before you have a look at the presenter please try to find the major target within the model :-)

And please tell or directly change via collaborative link what you miss or see differently.

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

I just had to learn that there are examples where the EU prohibits higher national standards so I had to insert an ambivalent effect I am not happy with.
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

BTW: if you have completely different views than try your own model. The iMODELER is freeware. You may even import this model and start deleting factors or renaming them.
Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Here my remarks from that discussion:

- the target of the model is to foster this kind of discussion starting on a high level of abstraction to look at the interconnections of the purpose of the EU to serve the people’s well being and the consequences of the Brexit. This includes also negative side effects of EU.

- once the model gets larger it will become difficult (depending on your screen size it already is) to look at it as a picture. Then you should look at it from different perspectives and opt to see just one or two levels of connections. Open the collaborative link or the read only in the iMODELER and simply click on a factor and to its right you will find the button to change to its perspective. To decrease the levels of connections there is a button on the bottom left with a minus … you will find that.

- read and change the model by looking at the connections that represent arguments the like: “more of …. leads directly to less/more of ….” If you think an argument is missing, add it. If it seems to be wrong, leave a comment.

- If you see an ambivalent effect, add two factors, one negatively effecting, one positively

- If you would argue for a dynamic development than use the weighting via the properties of the connections. There you can differ short medium and long term effects

- As Barbara and John perfectly put it the model should help to develop a more profound discussion. So, please don’t throw into the discussion the opposite. Either change the model directly (there is a changelog so in case something gets accidentally damaged we can fix it ;-) or tell us, what concrete argument you want to include at what point in the model so we can do this for you. This model is explorative. Those who know it all do not need a model and they do not need to discuss ;-)

- Once we think there is little to add with regard to our chosen aggregation level we can use colors, filters, clusters and views to get a handle on any size of model.

- Finally, if we have to agree to disagree at some point we either go into more detail in a separate model or we simply copy the model to have an alternative view. After about a thousand models I still cannot remember that I have needed to do this as the even most opposing parties can agree on cause and effects on a more detailed level once they are open minded to invest the effort.

Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

One question remains: should reform of EU lead to less or more EU. I'd suggest more!

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