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The " Oil System Model" tries to show the significant influences on the price of oil and their implications.

Originally created by Gene Bellinger

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Pierre W.

Pierre W. replies Ulli Lorenz

Hey Ulli,
I appreciate your thoughts and changes on this model, that's what it's intended for.
I feel like there's more to come if we look at this topic with different views and collaborate.
Ulli Lorenz

Ulli Lorenz

This model is a little too focussed and obviously one the "old" shool models, where you try to describe a (in this case) rather limited view on a underlying world view. I am so frankly here, because the model is copied from another source... ;-)

One of the big problems is/was that there was no fossil fuel consumption that takes away fossils from market. The other big thing is, that world gross product is not a driver but a result, in my view. Would like to say, there are so many alternative technologies and consumption goods and productions that are not connected to the consumption of fossil fuels, that the gross product is not the right driver for oil price. Actually, if you delete GWP from the model the market mechanism still works. Interesting by the way if you/we would expand the demand for oil/fossil branch and add renewable energy... that would change the system... ;-)



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