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Just a quick model to put the major arguments around the use and the source for hydrogen into perspective.

We need to transform industries like the steel production away from fossil fuels towards use of green hydrogen. In order to shift they need supply. A useful source would be a domestic supply from times when we produce more than 100% of the needed electric power by renewables. However, the capacities for electrolysis would remain unused in times with no surplus of renewable power generation. But if we import hydrogen we have little use for our energy surplus. If we slow down our transition towards renewables in favour for imported hydrogen the world would risk constraints (materials, building capacities and money) since the efficiency of imported hydrogen is lower than that of direct use of electricity. 
Therefore I suggest that we consider imported or even so called grey hydrogen just for the purpose of initial supply for industries that should later come from domestic hydrolysis. 

And we shouldn't consider the use of hydrogen for mobility since on the domestic as well as a global perspective the fluctuations of renewable energy supply just suit the demand for re-electrification in winter times and the use by industry, as our larger ICARE model explored: 

A systemic view, of course, also needs to see that businesses do not look at it from a systemic perspective but from their wish for subsidies and full utilisation of their capacities which lets them promote short minded arguments creating not so smart memes. 


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