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... still work in progress and soon more ....

On my vacation I intended to complete my reading of Kate Raworth's "Doughnut Economics". I looked at this concept many years ago and wasn't fascinated by it but I have come across it several times in different projects since then so I decided to take a second look. I watched her TED talk and I really like her. Still, the concept I find disappointing though I haven't read the complete book, yet. I think it is a normative approach to rethink economics but in order to change the economy we have to understand its driving forces and find systemic levers for a change. It is not enough to know that we go beyond the limits, that the GDP is a fatal measure, etc.. We need rewarding feelings from alternative behaviour and just distribution of material wealth and must find ways that consumer, businesses and politics can go. Economists, imho, should help to identify alternative measures, show the limits to growth, and take part in the discussion of the monetisation of indicators on happiness, welfare, biodiversity, etc..
So, instead of reading the book I decided to develop a step by step model to understand the driving forces of "the economy". Since I have studied economics at least as a part of my study of applied cultural sciences I am aware of how much more is to be considered when looking at economics (like fiat money, price elastics, ... some of which I put as a note into the "D" for discussion).

Over time I am going to highlight different mechanisms of the system using the Menu .... Presenter. So there is more to come and any discussion and reuse of the material is welcome.


"of everyone" doesn't mean "average" since average could be extremes of wealth and poverty.

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Kai Neumann

Kai Neumann

Meanwhile the model features quite a lot aspects of the economy. What do you miss?

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