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This is just a small example model for part 3 of a series of guidances called "Quantitative Optimization and Risk Analysis of Projects and Processes". It describes a fictitious case of a start up enterprise that develops and produces a new electric vehicle.

Here is the link to the guidance:


Here is the Operations Research version using the iM Optimizer:

Here is the Monte Carlo version simulating a bandwidth of possible developments:


The model looks at units of 10 cars and uses as a time unit 'weeks' as the shortest process per car should take more than 1/10 of a week. (You cannot define a duration for a process smaller than 1)

System boundaries: 

There are lot details missing, for example
- just one type of factory worker
- no overhead and other running costs
- all the different components, suppliers, developments, and processes could be made explicit
- reset of learning curve after fixing factory issues
- falty parts that lead to a delay
- marketing and its costs
- dynamic functions behind the orders, e.g. increase after availability, decrease if stock of orders becomes too high, etc.
- ...

Potential applications:

There are numerous additional applications, for example
- further risk analyses (workers getting sick, engineers leaving the company, ....)
- optimizations e.g. of number of workers or after distinguishing the capacities of a factory the optimal capacity for a given demand
- ...

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