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This is just a small model showing an example of a Holistic Integration and Development Plan (HIDP). Based on the biopsychological insight from Know-Why-Thinking ( human action is defined by our evolutionary strive for feelings of integration or for feelings of development. Allegedly, the difference between humans and other animals is that we can consciously reflect on our actions and their meaning. That implies that we can plan our happiness beyond just doing what feels good for the moment. We can reflect whether our life is in balance between the feelings of integration and development. Integration means that we feel secure, comfortable, healthy etc.. Development means that we feel excitement, something new, challenging. If we lack integration we feel frightened, weak, etc.. If we lack development we are bored, without fun. The things in life that let us feel integrated or developing are exchangeable. They can be individually and culturally defined. In fact, they even define cultures and subcultures. But let us not become too complicated. Just think of the things in life that let you feel comfortable and those that threaten you. Continue to think of the things that offer you something new, challenging, thrilling. Of course, you cannot and you shouldn't plan your whole life in an exact manner. But we can reflect on our life again and again and see how we can become happier. One recommendation is to reflect on this on a yearly basis. 

The model here has just started to think of some targets (yellow) and measures (green) for 2016. A real person would probably (hopefully) think of more concrete factors.

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