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Happiness can be planned! According to evolutionary meta systemic logic (KNOW-WHY-Thinking) everything needs to be integrated to adopt to its environment, and yet developing to adopt to change or beat the competition. Our emotions are there to let us strive for integration or development.

If we now reflect on what provides us with feelings of integration or jeopardises these feelings and do so also for the feeling of development we can easily see what we have and what we lack. If we then continue to ask what leads to more or less of it we should end up with concrete steps to take in order to be happier. 
Developing a so called Holistic Integration and Development Plan (HIDP) I have successfully planned my happiness for two decades.
This model provides a general structure to do this for two or more persons. Either you do it together or you show empathy and do it for others as well. You will identify trade-offs if time and money needs to be shared, but you will also identify nice synergies. Give it a try and all the best for 2022!!!


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