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This is just a small model I have developed to prepare for a customer project. It is just on a yearly basis running for 10 years.
There are two ways to model asset strategies. One is to simulate risks by Monte Carlo simulations as I did here. Very easy!
Another is to use financial math to approximate the risks - which is not that easy and therefore I didn't do it here. However, not using Monte Carlo simulation would allow us to use the range function in order to identify an optimal portfolio.
So, if there is anybody out there who would like to provide the formula to calculate the impacts of volatility on yields please share this on KNOW-WHY.NET. I'd happily help with the modeling.
BTW: it would also be possible to include regulations like BASEL... 


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I think it is not that difficult to calculate the value of the risks once you know which way is feasible. I'd love to have a planner for a concrete portfolio that optimizes my portfolio with regard to my given preferences.

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