Adaptation strategy for Gender Island

Ulli Lorenz

Model from perspective of factor Adaptation strategy


The 4 major goals that had been identifyed during problem framing process (e.g. peer consulting). In addition you could have taken all the aspects after the peer consulting process to draw a first cld and then apply questioning technique.

Model from perspective of factor flood protection


Here, we already started attaching the measures (light green). This is also knowledge gained by peer consulting process.

Model from perspective of factor increasing dykes


As an example: increasing dykes has been one of the measures. This measure would help the fulfillment of two goals. Increasing dykes costs you money, you need work force and construction material. All these are resources (marked in yellow). Please note the general principle: minus arrow is decreasing the resource, while the resource is a precondition for the measure (the more public budget I have, the more I can build dykes).
Please note also the feedback loop: first counterintuitive but logical: I cannot increase dykes without acceptance of population. Once we have damages people want dykes, hence damage increases acceptance.